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About us is a sister company created from in 2004, which operates Austrian and international markets. Our services include marketing, product development, consulting and training for tourism, municipal, regional or national companies and institutions.

With our longterm competencies from in the field of tourism, our knowledge of local markets, we target to be your strategic partner and expert for business solutions. We not only produce projects, our main aim is the implementation into real world, including marketing, sales, training and other related services. Our key competences are: product development, CRM, marketing and Sales in Tourism, outsourced company management (hotel, travel agency, restaurant), HR consultancy (selection, training, job descriptions, checklists), business plans and strategic project plans and calculations, mystery shops and audits in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and other tourism related operations.

Professional marketing

Our next door neighbours do not count as competitors. Our competition is Caribic, Australia or other foreign tourism destinations. Every simple tourism offer can attract your client´s time and future spendings. Professional structured marketing tends to mark us as "wierd". But note that wierd things boost your attraction.

Marketing & Sales can not be separated

Sucess is only when we creat ACTIONs and not than, when we produce only REactions. So be one step ahead to boost your success. Professional planning and a sales strategy implementation are only the basic steps.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Today carribean cruise, next day your region, your hotel, your restaurant. Effective CRM is not only your customers thinking of you, but the key is to be included in their holiday plannig.

HR management

The key in the hospitality industry is the human power. This starts with the selection, training, qualification, motivation and awarding of your staff. See us for standards, manuals and other HR tools.

Our team


Lívia Allárová

Refurbishment of castle to boutique hotel – project management

Radúz Dula

Slovenský bridžový zväz: Organizácia - Majstrovstvá Európy Juniorov

Radúz Dula

Zväz hotelov a reštaurácií SR: Prípadové štúdie

Radúz Dula

SEACHEFS River Cruises Ltd.: Interim hotel management - river vessels

Radúz Dula

Prime Tourist Resorts: analýzy a investičné poradenstvo pre hotelovú spoločnosť

Raduz Dula

The sixth operation of Moods Bakery & Coffee in Bratislava was opened

Raduz Dula

Raduz Dula works as a consultant on the National Qualification System


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